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The JUICY CAPITAL® Hedge Fund is an international family-based fund, reserved for a specific customer service of the “friend and families” circle, specialized in risk management exclusively in the foreign exchange market. The bottom is optimized and governed by a sophisticated algorithmic automated system called “expert advisor” which vigorously secures the assets of each investor.

Structured from a team of experienced programmers and traders, the Fund is now open to any bank in the world. Today, in partnership with the world’s largest foreign exchange brokers such as GMG Markets and CRESCOFX, JUICY CAPITAL® is licensed and certified by the FSC Financial Markets Authority as a “Legal Hedge Fund”.

With continued growth among our investors, from whom we want to be closer, JUICY CAPITAL® continues to expand in various cities such as Geneva and St. Petersburg.



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The quality of the investment we offer to our national and international clients benefits from the openness and competitiveness of the global foreign exchange market.

The algorithmic system administers and manages multiple currency pairs uncorrelated with each other with the ambition to achieve a high degree of diversification.

The Hedge Fund also applies a distribution model that determines the share of capital to be allocated to each currency pair, and identifies the appropriate moment to revaluate the assets.

The JUICY CAPITAL® Hedge Fund provides investors with the privileges of the global Forex market by applying a stable and unwavering business strategy that has been carefully thought through, perfected and proven.
Our automated trading system is focused on “intraday” strategies through low leverage.

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Objectives of the Fund

The fund’s fundamental target is to manage risk in order to protect, preserve and build the financial resources of investors. The JUICY CAPITAL® hedge fund analyzes and inspects each risk-taking in full agreement with this commitment. Discipline is the key to success, so close risk management and capital preservation support our philosophy in all foreign exchange strategies and provide the investor with a long-term position in the market.

Although the Fund is invested in the Forex market, one of the most volatile financial markets, our team of talented traders and programmers have the performance objective of safeguarding the level of return from one month to the next.

JUICY CAPITAL® strives to lower FX volatility by exploiting low leverage and therefore a low risk investment.

The strengths

Of the Juicy Capital investment

  • High performance
  • Biannual payment
  • Fond international
  • Low management costs and performance

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